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"Build your Kingdom, raise your army, and battle to reclaim the Kingdoms of Zenia!"...


The good

  • 10 challenging campaign zones, a great amount of fun tasks to conquer
  • we appreciated the speed of combat
  • -

The bad

  • the stockpiles are limited
  • pacing isn't realistic


Once upon a time, you had a beautiful, magical kingdom. Then one tragic, tragic day everything changed. An evil ursurper took power of your royal

 dragons and murdered your family. Now this tyrant sits on YOUR throne. What will you do? 

 Battling kingdoms has never been so fun. If you are looking for a boring, stagnant fantasy epic war strategy game - this is NOT the one for you. 

Kingdoms of Zenia: Dragon Wars needs you {the true ruler of the magical kingdom of Zenia} to reclaim what rightfully belongs to you. 

Free to play - some upgrades available 

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