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"Addictive and FREE 3-match puzzle gameplay with classic monster-collecting fun!"...


The good

  • Fun mixture of Pokemon and Bejeweled puzzle matching.
  • Huge amount of choice with hundreds of different monsters.
  • Evolve, find and buy new monsters for your collection.

The bad

  • the concept of the game is nothing new, candy crush for dragon lovers
  • in-app purchases can be annoying (disable if so)


This addictive game was downloaded more than 3 million times in Japan alone and now you too can find out why! 

Enter a dungeon comprised of enemies of varying strengths, which the app displays along the top of the screen. Meanwhile, a series of multicolored orbs lie at the bottom, and it's your job to match like colors of three or more. Herein lies the strategy. Monsters belong to one of five types (fire, water, air, light and darkness). Matching blue orbs (water), instructs that particular creature to attack, while matching red (fire) tells that beastie to fight, and so on and so forth. The idea is to chain orbs in such a way that you achieve combos and mass attacks where all hell breaks loose, but wait, it gets even better. Unlike most match-three games, you can move these orbs anywhere you want to create matches.

Easy to play and you can disable in app purchases if you find them annoying 

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