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"fun, challenging, family-friendly, grocery bagging puzzle game Bag It!"...


The good

  • easy to learn and very addictive
  • challenging brain teasers, plus you can play against your friends
  • 'tetris meets toy story'

The bad

  • runs a bit slow at times


Bagging groceries has never been more fun. If you love brain challenges and the 'art' of bagging, look no further than 'Bag It' light! Lots of fun levels to keep your brain occupied happily for hours! Over 100 levels in the full version (this is 'light') plus you can compete against your online friends via gamecenter and facebook. 

 Standard, Rampage, and Puzzle modes! 

• Your grocery characters come to life - it's like "Tetris meets Toy Story"! 

• Unique grocery combos - try to find them all! 

• Custom tailored translations in 7 languages!

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