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"ACTION MOVIE FX lets you add Hollywood FX to iPhone AND iPad movies that YOU shoot!" ...


The good

  • one of our favorite apps that lets you add special effects to videos already on you riphone or ipad
  • can edit later
  • animations available

The bad

  • more editing options, like extending a sequence or adding slow-motion effects
  • more effects must be purchased, free version comes with five


The app lets you add Hollywood-style special effects to videos you've shot with your iPhone or iPad. What kinds of effects? Suppose you're making a movie that involves blowing up a car (as all good movies should). Action Movie FX includes a missile-attack sequence that ends with a gorgeous fiery explosion. All you do is record at least 5 seconds of video (in this case, footage of your car), then wait for the app to render the effect. When it's done, you'll see that missile sequence overlaid on the clip you just shot. If the timing didn't work exactly right, you can adjust it in "postproduction." And you can save the clip to your Camera Roll for use elsewhere; it's not locked into Action Movie FX. This is a cool fun app that movie buffs need to download today! Version 2.5 brings a host of worthwhile improvements, starting with free HD upgrades for all previous effects. You also get three free exclusive, licensed FX from "Star Trek Into Darkness": Enterprise Flyby, Phaser Fight, and Photon Torpedoes. These aren't lame animations, either:  They're as realistically rendered as scenes from the movie.

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