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"Dark Summoner, a Dark Fantasy Social Game Gem!" ...


The good

  • Can collect and summon different monsters, great design!
  • can form a 'clan' with other players - great social element

The bad

  • monsters can be terrifying, not suggested for kids under 10
  • can be a tad confusing at time


The world has erupted into chaos and the Freapp team challenges you to step into this dark RPG game and save the world from an ultimate demise! You can recruit rare monsters to help you fight battles and form various clans with your friends! One of the things that we appreciate the most about this game is the artwork featured by famous Japanese & international artists. Very unique and totally increases the gaming experience! Also you can explore more than a 1000 different types of monsters and add them to your collection! 

Play at your own pace and expect frequent new updates!  WIFI connection is recommended! 

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