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"Bejeweled Blitz, Number 1 puzzle game! Download on Freapp the game that challenges your wits, it's free!"...


The good

  • Fantastic graphics
  • Cool special 'explosive' effects
  • Free

The bad

  • the idea is not very original


A puzzle is a pastime that tests the ingenuity of those who are there to solve it. Some have become famous, such as the "Satan, Cantor, And Infinity" puzzles, inspired by Raymond Smullyan and published in 1992, but his solutions can be read anywhere on the internet. If you want something that has not already been solved, test yourself with Bejeweled Blitz! Detonators, Mischiatutto and multipliers are only some of the functions available to you to enjoy! Align and detonate as many gems as possible in 60 seconds, compete with your Facebook friends, Jumpstart your score and dominate the weekly charts. Download it now, every day the Daily Spin challenges you to win 1,000,000 coins for free!

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