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“Privately chat and share photos with people that matter”...


The good

  • • Private by design – only share your experiences with people that matter (those in that bonfyre)
  • • Instant photo sharing
  • • Event planning to easily organize and coordinate with your group
  • • Beautiful group chat with quick photo sharing
  • Upload your photos as a complete, private Facebook album in two clicks
  • Photo Memories are automatically created, offering an elegant view of your photo albums
  • Re-live your favorite experiences through photos, all in one plaice – no painstaking email chains or perusing numerous photo albums required
  • Stay in touch with people that matter while they’re away on business or vacation
  • Instantly create a bonfyre to plan, chat, capture and share photos

The bad

  • can seem a bit like just a photo sharing app
  • needs more activity


Bonfyre is an experience network that helps you share private photos and group chat around what you’re doing and who you’re doing it with. No noisy news feeds, not your entire social network like other sharing apps and websites; just simple picture messaging that supports how you live your real life.

While Facebook gets bigger than ever - you now can now utilize apps that provide a more private sharing experience 

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