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"The time for your ultimate adventure has come! Create your hero today and jump right into the action! " ...


The good

  • considerable amount of depth and interactivity
  • great social community

The bad

  • the energy system isn't very great
  • leveling up is considerably slower than similar games


Freapp invites you to try your hand and battling terrifying monsters in this awesome and unique RPG game - Book of Heroes! You can customize your character and become the perfect battle warrior in order to trigger your abilities and jump into the action! Over 300 quests available to play and beware of dangerous dungeons... you never know what could be lurking in the darkness! 

Multi-player game with real time chat while you play! You also have options to upgrade your character and make him/her even MORE powerful! Just don't let your own succumb to the forces of evil darkness! This is a free game. 

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