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"Handiest, Brightest and Fastest FREE flashlight on AppStore,"...


The good

  • SuperLED light
  • Strobe mode with different frequencies
  • Colorful Screen lights - for every other iOS device Light bulbs
  • Animated lighter & candle

The bad

  • not very dynamic



☀ SuperLED light - Only for iPhone 4, iPhone 4S & NOW FOR iPhone 5

☀ Strobe mode with different frequencies!

☀ Colorful Screen lights - for every other iOS device 

☀ Light bulbs 

☀ Animated lighter & candle 


★ Built in Compass!

★ Built in SOS signal!

★ Built in Altitude (Elevation) tracker! 

★ Built in Live Map (To track usage of this brilliant app through the globe)! 

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