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"Netflix is the world’s leading subscription service for watching TV episodes and movies on your phone."...


The good

  • Very good streaming quality with reliable Wi-Fi signal
  • Adds more value to Netflix subscription.

The bad

  • Limited selection of titles.
  • Cannot manage DVD playlist.
  • bad movie recommendations.


As any tried and true Netflix subscriber - this was a must have for those of us on the Freapp team who love movies (and getting instant access to them). Netflix subscribers can watch any movie or television show from the instant streaming catalogue anywhere. This ability to watch movies and TV shows anywhere makes the $7.99 per month cost (for streaming only; it's more to add discs) of Netflix an astounding value and has made me resubscribe to Netflix after having dropped it year earlier. The Netflix app for Apple iPhone enhances the value of a Netflix subscription by letting you watch movies directly on your handheld device. In the latest version, Netflix has added the ability to rate movies from your smartphone, but it removed DVD (disc) playlist management tools which we felt wasn't a good idea.

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