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"Create your team and lead it to top of league, cup or champions league!"...



Be a football manager!Create your own virtual Football (Soccer) Club and play against friends and other players in Leagues, Cups, Champions Leagues or Friendly matches. 

Manage the football team and play the game, whether you and your friends play it on Android, iPhone, Facebook or

Play on your desktop computer and mobile, managing the same football team. 

Key features include:

- Training your players individually and boost your squad's performance.

- Managing your team’s squad and finances.

- Buying and selling players in an exciting live bidding system.

- Preparing your squad for matches. Setting up formations, coaching and mentally preparing players and building up specific football skills to improve player’s performances.

- Watching your matches live, changing tactics, making substitutions and giving special orders during the match.

- Tracking your friends’ teams and even arranging friendly matches with them.

- Choosing between several sponsorship deals which could help you acquire financial goods and tokens.

- Receiving news concerning your squad, sponsorships and friends.

Join a community of more than 6,000,000 Football managers worldwide! More features are coming soon! 

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