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1.4 million players. Rank #1 in 39 countries.   

Wake up your phone and turn him into a hero!   

Choose his face, train him and go fight other phones in your city and your friends! 


Read a few testimonials from our players and the press : 


- Battle millions of cellphones and tablets, in crazy fights!   

- Create a fun and unique face for your cell, 3 billion possibilities!   

- Take care of him, feed him, play with him… like a Tamagotchi!   

- Collect 300+ crazy weapons!   

- 400+ missions on 99 levels   

- Challenge your friends, people around you and around the world, LIVE!   

- Play Lucky Bubble to win tons of prizes and rare weapons!   

- Multiplayer and solo game, battle your Facebook friends

If you like original games such as Urban Rivals, Zombie Farm, Monster Quest, Pou, Dofus, MyBrute, Avatar Fight, Monster Quest, Battle Nations, Clash of Clans, Pokemon, Tom Talking Cat... you will love Phone Fight ! 

Get one of the best multiplayer RPG game. Simple and addictive, this social online MMO is very strategic and full of action. It will turn your mobile into a tiny monster gladiator. Enter the arena to start the first phone-championship! The great tournament has begun ! And don't forget to invite your friends to make guilds, teams and alliances ! War will be even funnier! 

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