"it's like a well-curated music feed, but for booze"...


The good

  • Personalized whiskey recommendations in an app
  • easy to use, create a special flavor profile, save favorites

The bad

  • graphics are average
  • Many well established brands missing


A fan of whiskey? Than this is one app you NEED to download! You can get a personalized whiskey recommendation for any situation. The free Distiller app has updated features that give the whiskey adventurous a deep understanding of the vast and varied world of whiskey, through a seamless mobile interface. Via this app you can now opt to specify by price point and type of whiskey they’re looking for, such as “scotch under $50” or simply, “something to sip by the fire.” You can also Rate bottles, take notes, then save to your own Top Shelf to reference later on. And create a special flavor profile! 

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