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"Get the official YouTube app for iPhone and iPad. Instantly become the DJ"...


The good

  • a great way to keep up with the channels you follow and new video discovery
  • New picture-in-picture viewing makes browsing easier.

The bad

  • Returning to a list of results requires you to use the picture-in-picture function
  • there is no back button in the new version.


A must have app for those who love watching music videos - how-to's or basically anything that exists on this huge database. Recent improvements on youtubes app include YouTube videos will be available offline on mobile devices, the upcoming YouTube app update will see offline video viewing made possible, with a selection of content able to be downloaded to smartphones and tablets for up to 48 hours at a time. The YouTube app for iPhone is the standalone app for browsing the site. Also youtube has a  redesigned interface and new picture-in-picture video feature that lets you watch while you browse makes the app even better.The YouTube video discovery section consists of a huge list of categories that are excellent for new video discovery. You can check out film and animation videos, music, sports, gaming, comedy, and really anything you can find if you were browsing the YouTube Web site

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