"Find My iPhone will let you use another iOS device to find it and protect your data."...


The good

  • easy to use and priceless
  • with just a few simple steps, you can protect your content in case it gets lost of stolen
  • special tracking device

The bad

  • considering this app is free, this is a no-brainer


If you are anything like us at the Freapp office, your Iphone is likely a third appendage that if lost, can cause great discomfort and anxiety. 

The good news is that this never needs to happen if you use your brain to good use and download a handy app like this one to protect your phone and use as a locator in the rare chance it gets misplaced.  

Lets be honest, Find My iPhone is one of those apps you don't need until you need it. When you need it, it's priceless (even though it is free). Find My iPhone can be used to locate a device. Simply start the Find My iPhone app and enter the Apple ID login and password, then the screen shows a map with the last reported location of the devices attached to that account displayed.You can actually watch the device in near real-time, so it's a great tracking app. Even more important, if a device is lost or stolen, as long as it can be found you can lock the device remotely using a four-digit code as well as display a phone number on the device's screen, or you can initiate a wipe of the device if you want to protect its contents. 

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