“The ideal sports tracker app for any sport activity”...


The good

  • Accurate GPS
  • Modern interface
  • easy to use
  • customize your audio feedback
  • neat PepTalk feature

The bad

  • No iPod controls ( no way to control your playlist within the app)
  • Lacks Twitter/Facebook integration


A great app for those who want to track their outdoor fitness program

If you love running, cycling, or just walking, you can install Endomondo, a powerful application for tracking any outdoor activity including duration, distance,

 speed and calories. Lots of amazing features will help you manage, organize and archive your sport performances. You can easily set a distance goal and

 have the audio coach speak to that as your target! Get Endomondo for FREE, we love this app!

We liked that you can customize what is shown in which area of the screen (duration, distance, speed, and average speed are the only options), although it’s not readily apparent how you change these settings. For new users, here’s a tip: you have to tap and hold over the item you want to change.

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