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"Take music to a new dimension! Deezer is a fresh way to discover, love, share and listen to all the music you...


The good

  • easy and interesting interface
  • unlimited listening to radio channels
  • very responsive music library, also categorizes your library well
  • worldwide streaming service

The bad

  • the design is a little 80's
  • not as intuitive as spotify
  • not available in the USA


What can you do with a free Deezer account?

 • Enjoy unlimited listening to Deezer’s thousands of artist-based and themed radio channels.

 • Manage your Deezer library: search for tracks, add them to your playlists, add albums... 

• Listen to your personal MP3s, uploaded to your Deezer account from your computer.  Sign up to Deezer now and get a free trial of Deezer Premium+. Our treat. When your free trial ends, you’ll be able to listen to 30-second clips from our 20 million tracks. 

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