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“Play Bingo anytime & anywhere on your phone with exciting Bingo Bash!”...


The good

  • excitings Powerups
  • variety of rooms
  • Real time and Live Multiplayer

The bad

  • sometimes is a little bit slow


Nearly 1.5 MILLION of
people play Bingo everyday on Bingo Bash, using their smartphone or tablet. Why
not be one more? Is Bingo your favorite game? You now have the
opportunity to play it anytime & anywhere on your Android phone! What you need to is  download now Bingo Bash a start to play! Buy a
card and wait for the numbers to be called. Some of the numbers have special
power-ups, try to get lucky and be one of the first Bingos. You can play in
real time against various opponents. The app includes many collections and gems
to collect which makes it complete and really addictive.

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